about growth track 360

Growth Track 360 has been launched to secure £1bn of rail improvements, which would transform the North Wales and Cheshire regional economy and deliver 70,000 new jobs over 20 years.
It’s being led by a cross-border alliance of business, political and public sector leaders. If successful, it would lead to a massive boost to the North Wales, Cheshire and Wirral economies, linking them with the planned HS2 line between London and the North of England.
The campaign is calling for:
The electrification of the line from Crewe to North Wales so the region can be linked to HS2 and fast London trains can continue to Bangor and Holyhead.
The doubling of frequency of trains between the North Wales Coast Line and Wrexham to Manchester through Chester.
The investment in new, modern, better equipped rolling stock.
Creating new services between Liverpool and Liverpool Airport to North Wales and Wrexham via Chester (Halton Curve).
Doubling journey frequency between Wrexham and Liverpool via Deeside and Bidston.
Linked to the proposals would be improvements to stations to upgrade facilities and capacity, and the creation of a smart ticketing system to make journey planning cheaper and easier. 
Also being sought is a new approach to franchises to improve services, and upgrades to signalling and line speeds to enhance journey times.

To find out more, download the Growth Track 360 Prospectus.