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Transforming our rail services will transform our future across North Wales and the Mersey-Dee region. Here are some key facts about what we want to achieve and how…
The current rail network joining up North Wales, Cheshire and Wirral is not fit for purpose.
Journeys are too long with a typical journey from Wrexham to Manchester Airport taking 140 minutes by rail compared to just 50 minutes by car.
This is forcing too many cars on the road and creating congestion.
Road congestion is predicted to grow by 33% in the next 20+ years, creating a real barrier to growth.
1 in 5 candidates already turn down job interviews or offers due to travel inaccessibility.
Investing in an integrated network would:
Reduce journey times and improve the frequency of services.
Make door-to-door one-hour public journeys realistic.
Better connect people to jobs and business to customers.
Improve connectivity locally, nationally and internationally.
Support business, industry and growth.

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